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Gas constant meaning


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hey, i need help with understanding the meaning of a gas constant parameter in SPH fluid solver. maybe someone has knowledge of proper physics and could link me with formulas. why such values 250?

my discoveries would be: a gas constant is used to calculate a pressure in a liquid. the magnitude of pressure is different between liquid layers. so i have found that THE PRESSURE DIFFERENCE between two particles inside a liquid is :

deltaP = qhg

*q - density

*h - vertical height between the two points or thickness of liquid's layer (so i assume it is a particle separation value???)

*g - gravity acceleration

i found TOTAL PRESSURE for a particle is:

P = Pa + deltaP

*Pa - atmospheric pressure depends on temperature

I believe that gas constant in Houdini could be used to calculate Pa atmospheric pressure? i am doing a bit of research, and this thing bothers me already for weeks. any help would be much appreciated ;)

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