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H12 Source Apply node gone?


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Hey guys, I'm pretty new to houdini (not to 3d) and I'm talking a tutorial and in the tut the guy makes a "source from volume" and that automaticly makes a Source Apply node for him in the DOP. When I do it I don't get the node. I googled and I found this link... http://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini12.0/dyno/fluid_sourcing

"The previous Pyro method for specifying the source volume (merging the pyro object and source volume in DOPs with a “source” relationship or using Source apply) is still available for backwards compatibility (on the Pyro solver’s Relationships tab, turn on Enable relationships). This is still useful when sourcing from simulated objects. However in most cases the new sourcing input is the preferred method for its much greater flexibility and efficiency.

The default Pyro setup copies the initial source volume into the fuel and temperature fields of the pyro object. You can use additional tools such as Expand from objects to affect other fields.


But this doesn't have the options the apply_source had, for instance, the noise tab isn't even there.

Where can I find this? Any help would be great.


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