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Cache multiple objects in DOP


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Hello friends!

I have a simulation with 2 pieces of geometry pre-fractured colliding in DOPs. They are fractured with voronoi and scatter, then sent in to DOPs via the dopimport. I hook each object in two rbd glue objects. They collide nicely and everything is good. Then I create a ROP outeput driver in each of the objects. This is connected to the Dopimport. And here is my problem. When I load the two cached sims in the file node, one of the objects goes totaly crazy. The other one (usually the one who are connected as the second one in the merge before the solver)behaves like it should do, with impact from the other object and impact of the ground plane.

I have tried to cache the sim right out of the DOP network as .sim format. Also tried the rbd sovler (I used the bullet solver) and simulating the object with a solver each. No changes.

I have absolutley no clue about what could cause this mayhem.

Thank you for your time!:)

until next time


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