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split pop not working?


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So, I have a fairly simple situation. I have a Geo sop within which is a popnet. In the popnet, I have four operators. A location pop feeding into a force pop feeding into a drag pop feeding into a split pop. Everything works as expected up until the split pop. On the source tab of the split pop, the emission type is set to particle. The birth tab has a probability of 20 to 30. Nothing really set in the attributes tab. In the activation parameter, I have the following expression:

$FF % 20 == 0

What I expect to happen is that the split pop will birth particles on every frame that is a multiple of 20. What actually happens is that the split pop births particles at frames 40, 100, 160 and 220.

When I view the result of the expression in the activation parameter, I see the results I expect. It evaluates to 0 on every frame except 20, 40, 60 ect... Why is my split pop not birthing new particles every time my expression evaluates to "1"????I assume this has to be a setting somewhere. Everything behaves as I expect except for the actual lack of particles being born.

Any thoughts?

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it works for me.

did you set the impulse birth rate to something different from zero?

There is no impulse birth rate in the split pop. The number of birthed particles is set by the birth probability which I have set to 20 and 30.

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