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How to make a SOP Node like ROP Output Driver Node?

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I want to build a custom file format output driver.

Like the "ROP Output Diver" node.

I tried to include both ROP_Node.h & SOP_Node.h

And declare my op as a SOP node.So if I build this node, i can load it in a SOP Network.

But the ROP command cannot find it declaration.Just like the ROP_Node.h has not include to my cpp.

Anyone know how can I make it work?

Or some other way to build a ROP Output Node can be load in a SOP Network?

Please help me.

Thanks in advanced.

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I am looking to do the same thing but in python.

It looks like python types are not allowed in ROPS.

for my purposes I am looking to generate a simple text file which is a material definition. This is read by our game engine.

it allows me to generate meshes, textures and Materials all from houdini.

I can make the sop version of the exporter but something inside me (ocd) cringes and wants to put all output types in my /out area.

Any help would be appreciated. (in the python approach for me)



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