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I got *Traceback (most recent call last)

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Hi guys,

I'm new to Pyro and houdini stuff. NOw..my problem is that I try to 'Embed to fluid' so that I can scatter the Fluid's surface.

But everytime I hit the fluid and enter...this is what I got.

'The Attempted operation failed. Invalid node type name.'


Do any of you guys know what it is??

How do I fix this.

I have re-install and re-start computer several times.

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The message indicates that the tool was trying to create a new node of type 'gassovler' but that operator type didn't exist - so it failed.

I did a quick look (via the operator type manager), H12 doesn't have an operator type of that name, H11 does. I'm guessing the 'Embed to Fluid' tool wasn't updated. Perhaps the operator type 'gassolver' was migrated to a new operator type. I'm not familiar with the tool or the operator... so I'm not of much help there... but it's not an issue with your setup.


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