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Weird Houdini issues

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Has anyone else noticed weird Houdini issues since moving to H12? H10 was rock solid. Since moving to H12, I've found slowdowns in some of the SOP like the Copy SOP that were never a problem in H10, random crashes, crashes when typing in a URL for a an image (for example this guy: http://i7.photobucket.com/albums/y288/Tyler3d/UV_Grid.jpg ) giving me this:

3396: Fatal error: Segmentation Fault

Saving application data to C:/Users/Jim/AppData/Local/Temp/Jim.3396.hip

mantra: Unable to load texture 'http://http://i7.photobucket.com/albums/y288/Tyler3d/UV_Grid.jpg'

Weird crashes when manipulating SOPs. Weird texture behavior, when using the mantra surface material, and assigning a texture map, the geometry just disappears.

What gives? Is it just me? I've tried the latest production built, and this evening upgraded to 12.0.626 and still get these things happening. I've recently gotten a new video card, a Nvidia Quadro 4000, but no other program is having any problems. Is there any utility to determine if houdini is having problems with the video card? I find this hard to believe, but I'm really finding it annoying as hell to use.

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Interesting I had a simple scene that would reproduce some texture weirdness. Using hte mantra surface mat, I can get the color map to appear. But when I turn on the spec map and assign it a file, it turns the whole geometry white in the viewer. In the render it works OK. This is use the H11 GL display mode. If I switch to OGL 3.2 it works OK - but then the primitive number and normals no longer work :(

Is anyone else running into this? I thought all of this was fixed?

Attached is the hip file and I've also attached the files to use - you'll need to re-assign them in the mat. Note that it doesn't matter whether you use rat, png, jpg, etc for the textures.




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