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Axis Animation hiring Houdini VFX artists

Axis Animation

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Axis Animation, based in Glasgow, Scotland, have been involved in the creation of multiple Award winning animations for some of the world’s leading entertainment companies including Sony, Microsoft, Activision and Warner Bros. Specialising in creation of stunning CG content for games cinematics, commercials for broadcast and content for online, Axis are looking to hire experienced Houdini VFX TDs for a variety of projects.


Tasks will include building Houdini VFX assets/tools to create an array of realistic VFX set-ups, implementing them on specific shots, providing compositors with both test and final renders of the elements. An added bonus would be the ability to composite VFX renders within fusion.

Candidates are required, and must be eligible at time of application, to work onsite in Glasgow, starting mid June for a duration of up to 6 months.

Axis are looking for a team player who shows initiative, has the ability to think outside the box, someone with problem solving skills and a general understanding of the production pipeline. With such skills the candidate should be able to conceptualise, present, and execute ideas within a tight production schedule.


• Design and create realistic particle FX using sprite/volumetrics rendering techniques and houdini/maya particle systems.

• Create dynamic or rigid body simulations.

• (Possibly) create tools, utility scripts, expressions and other digital assets to streamline the setup process and achieve the desired look.

• Be responsible for producing the final looks of VFX sequences, including integration with other CG elements.

• Work with production management to prioritise tasks.

• Keep CG Supervisor informed of progress, changes and other critical issues.


• Tool development experience.

• Procedural shading and scripting.

• Previous experience in FX look-development in film, game cinematics or animated features.

• In depth knowledge of Houdini VFX and particle tools, with at least 2+ years of production experience.

• Experience rendering with Houdini/MANTRA essential.

• Experience in MEL, Python or HScript would be beneficial but not essential

• Some compositing experience, preferably Fusion.

• Ability to integrate into existing pipeline infrastructure.

• The ability to support oneself and take initiative.

• Excellent attention to detail, both artistic and technical.

• Proven ability to multi-task, prioritise and problem-solve, both individually and as part of your function as a team member.

• Ability to communicate and interact positively in a collaborative group environment.

• Candidates require a degree level qualification and 3 years work experience within the industry

• If candidates do not possess a degree, 5 years production experience is required.

• Degree and work experience requirements may be waived if candidates can show exceptional skills.

Please apply via jillwallace@axisanimation.com including your reel and shot breakdown.

Be sure to include “ Houdini VFX Application ” in the subject line


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