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H12 FLIP Pop Solver Collapsing


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Hello there everyone,

My searching skills might not be the best, so I apologize if this is a problem others have already had. I have searched the forums (as best as I know how) and can't find anyone else having this issue, maybe you guys can help.

I am using Houdini 12.0.638. I start with a default "Sculpted Fluid" and add a Pop solver to the second input of the Flip Solver (I am trying to emulate the setup of H11). I added a location and a curl noise to the Pop Solver just trying to get some initial motion into the sim.

The fluid simply collapses after a few frames. If I remove the POP solver from the setup all seems to behave ok. I truly don't understand what I am doing wrong. It's probably something simple, but any help would be great.

I have included a file with sticky notes to illustrate the issue as well as a video at this link:

Vimeo Video of FLIP Collapse


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