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How to link a Float3 in multiparm in otl

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In a custom SOP node I have a multiparm which includes a float3 parameter. In an otl I'm creating, I tried to create parameters from node by dragging the multiparm to otl level, everything else links fine (string, toggle), but for the float3 parameter, the linked channels are shown as parmName#1, parmName#2, parmName#3, it is not getting recognized by Houdini.

Promoting a float3 outside multiparm works fine. I'm wondering if Houdini could only recognize "#" if it is at the end of a string. Not sure if this is a bug, but if it is, is there a way to work around it?


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I'm promoting the multiparam folder, so in the otl each parameter under the folder would be xxx#.

Simple parameter types work, but not the float2 or float3.

ok, I think I understand, what if you rename the float3 so that it ends with an underscore -> xxx#_

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Wow that works! Thanks a lot.

Just curious, how do you find out about information like this? Doing a search with keywords such as "multiparm" in the Houdini docs doesn't give me anything useful.

lol, it was nothing more then a guess on my part. I know they stamp the name with the param count, but I wasn't sure if it had to be last on the name or not.

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