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Optimizing/Render RBD point objects

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Hi, i am having some problems managing data/sims/cache to render my RBD instance objects.

Would like to ask what is the usual workflow and if im doing anything wrong

My current scene workflow

- defining a source to emit particles using a popnet

- then using rbd point object to bring in the particles (cached bgeo)

- also in geo path i am overriding point value with a a range of SOP geo using `$OBJID%5+1`

- i have animated obj interacting with rbd point object

- cached this out as .sim with compression

Here is where the issues start to arise,

- reading the .sim files is taking a hit on my system and getting slow in playing back the cache to see result

- avg cached file size is about 70mb using compression


- what is recommended to render these rbd point objects?

- where can i import these objects and assign my shader?

- if my shader has displacement does it treat each geo as unique?

- if i need the rbdpoint objects to interact with pyro how do i manage this data since reading them is already taking a long time?

Thanks in advance for any advice

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