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CHOPS, Wire DOPS (or both)

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Hi All,

I am trying create wire dynamic effects similar to those in this clip:

Video by Abstract Birds / Quayola - made with VVVV


I am using a simple Wave CHOP to drive the longer period wave on the splines but am a bit stumped on trying to recreate the pulse/spring motion which traverses along the splines (best example in the first 30secs of the clip).

Would it be best drive the pulse effect from within CHOPS or as a wire sim in DOPS?

Any tips would be much appreciated :)

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Ok Looks like chops is the way to go - should have really looked at Old School's blog before sending the last post.

I have attached a simple version of the setup (go to HIP). Would anyone know why the values coming out of the CHOP net are producing a bumpy wave after being piped through a lag and spring chop (see image), and if so how could smooth the splines out?



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No problem, the reason why lag, spring, filter chops (or any other) wouldn't fix the problem is because it existed in the geometry before it was sent to the chop network. I believe if the geometry chop was set to static instead of animated, then a filter chop would have smoothed out the lines but in animated mode the position of each point over time gets filtered.

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