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super noob Normals question.


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im brand new to houdini. loving every second im in it. im watching a peter quint tutorial on modeling a pill package. this guy:


and im stuck early when he puts a reverse node in to align the normals. . when i put it on the normals are pointing both up and down. ie, like every few polygons, the normal is facing a different direction, so when i put the reverse node on, only some of the normals change direction, and still, some normals are facing different directions. i tried a facet node, and some other things that other forums and threads have mentioned, but nothing seems to align the normals. could it have been how i built the object? sorry for such a newbie question, hope im not too much of a nuisance to this awesome website.



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yea i tried every kind of every kind of combo of those check boxes. and notably when i check and un check the "reverse normal" attribute you can see each face turn dark like the normals were flipped, however the normal handles (pink/purple thing) are pointing in different directions. and it also renders ok from what i can see. some dude on some forum suggested to change the viewport to Houdini 11 (bug)?? but i cant find that anywhere in the prefs.

thanks for the reply~


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