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Generate a certain number of particles?


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Hello, I'm still super new to houdini and expressions. I'm trying to set up a tracer rig that will only emit 20 shells. Each round is emitting a spiral smoke trail so I can't use the max particles function on the POPnet itself.

I was thinking along the lines of setting the constant activation to 1 if the shells group contains less than 20 points. I'm just not quite sure how to write that out. Any help you folks can give would be greatly appreciated.

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If I understand you right, you could use 'pointlist' expression to return a list of all the points in a particular group, you will need to wrap that up in an 'argc' expression to count those points. Then you can pop all of that in an 'if' statement to return a true or false depending on the number of points.

It would like this - if(argc(pointlist("your_node_path", "your_group_name"), < 20 , 1, 0)

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