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rendering multichannel EXR

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Im rendering some particles and I have added color attributes for age and velocity and groups.

I'd also like to embed other attributes into the render such as world point position. problem is you can only have one color point attribute (cd)

If i create a point vector attribute and put the world point position in that attribute, how to render that from the mantra image plane buffer so i can render multichannel exr with many attributes at once?

do I have to create a custom mantra node? or can i just specify the point attributes i want to render?

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You have to specify the exports both in your shader and on your mantra rop.

In the shader:

you can read in any attribute from your geometry to your shader by using a parameter vop, with the name and type set to the same as your attribute. To export that parameter to the render change the export dropdown to "Always".

On the Mantra Rop:

Go to the properties->Output tab. at the bottom where it says "Extra image planes" click the little + button. In the parameters that appear set vex variable to the name of the parameter that you exported from your shader (which in this case is the name of your attribute.)

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