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Painting Lattice Weights


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I'm relatively new to Houdini (come from Max+Maya)...

I am trying to use the spring SOP in conjuction with a Lattice SOP to deform a rope-like form that hangs between two blob-like shapes. Whenever the shapes make a sudden movement, I want the rope-like form to react (as a rope in water would). My problem is that I cannot find a way to paint weights for the lattice - the blob-like shapes need to be unaffected and there needs to be a soft gradient between the blob-like shapes and rope that specifies to what extent the surfaces are affected by the spring/lattice.

I have tried using using captureRegion/capturePaint/deform, but it seems best suited for skinning, very inflexible for what I am trying to achieve (correct me if I am wrong).

For those who have dealt with Maya, I would accomplish this by running a spline from one blob-like shape to the other, constraining each end at each blob, and extruding a circle along the spline. I would add a fillet to make the rope-blob join seamless. I would make the spline a softbody and add springs for the secondary motion effect.

If anyone has any other ideas for solving this problem, please let me know.

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