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Probability Multiplication Rule


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I'm trying to delete points based on a gradient. I create a green gradient and then delete points based on

$CG < 0.4

this creates a hard line where I need to create a kind of gradient, so it would be something like:

delete a probability range of $CG less than 0.4 and greater than 0.2

What I'm looking for is basically the multiplication of probability factor in the scatter sop which allows you to scatter points based on an attribute, but want to delete them in a delete sop.

this hip might explain it better.


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totally rad examples.

The Vops method is giving me really clear straight forward results. I tried messing around with powers and exponents for a while, although it does work its pretty abstract and sensitive to control the ranges, the vops is pretty straight forward and I can also remap based on point color instead of distance. COOOL!

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