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Point movement on geometry


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Asked this in the sidefx forums, but no reply so far. Decided to post here too.

I have no idea how to best approach this: i need points to randomly move around on a surface.

Played around with creep, but i'd like some more control or maybe i'm using it incorrectly?

I tried some ideas i would use in softimage Ice, but so far nothing worked...

My goal is to later make lines out of the points and the lines into sort of "veiny" structures/tubes.

Any advice?

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you could try using scatter.

if you afterwards select a number of points out of the generated points,

and let the points move towards random nearby points and repeat this over and over,

you can get some movement I guess.

I am not entirely sure what you use and what you need, though...

if you have a flat surface that you move along, it would probably better to use something like CHOPS.

like almost everything with Houdini, there multiple ways to do this.

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