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Geometry Solver with VOP SOP


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Hey guys, after seeing some erosion work including that by Peter Claes - I decided to have a play around with it myself, I wanted to break out the new shiny geo solver after seeing the demo on goProcedural but I'm having this issue where when displacing the points, it continues at a constant rate.

The effect I want to achieve is to displace an area by a set amount on collison - Currently my script grabs the effected collision area performs the deform then I try to clean up by deleting the group as I don't want the next cycle to add new points to the group I just want it overwritten with the new points.

I have talked to a peer and he's tried putting the group outside the network, but then the issue of piping the points in occurs. Only been working in Houdini a week, but this seems straight forward and something which I should be able to get my head around once I understand data flow better in Houdini, anyone willing to help would be great.

File is attached.


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