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getGeometrySubclass() and modifying geometry


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Hi, guys. I've read this doc


and the following part is interesting for me:

GU_ConstDetailHandle SIM_MyOwnGeometry::getGeometrySubclass() const


if( myDetailHandle.isNull() )


GU_Detail* gdp = new GU_Detail();


.. // Generate geometry for myOwnRepresentation

.. // and store this geometry in gdp


return myDetailHandle;


As I have understood, I should create NEW geometry each frame (each time Houdini executes getGeometrySubclass ). BUT I want only to create myGeometry in the first frame and update it each frame. It is simply to implement, but modified myGeometry is not updating in the viewport. I guess it should be done something with myDetailHandle (cause it caches 'first frame geometry' and never updates it), but now i have no understanding what should I do. Any ideas ?

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