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Compositing, Rotoscoping, WIre Removal Freelence Artist....

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Hello All......

If u have small project just need vfx 2d/3d compositing, wire or rig removal, and Rotoscoping i offer independent service....

I have 7 years experience in compositing for film and commercials

If u have a bit of shot that have a long deadline i also accept for a free independent service as long the shot i've done can i put on my portfolio. Thx


- Clean-up

- Keying

- Matchmoving

- 2D/3D Compositing

- Matte painting based on photos

- Color Grading

- Rotoscoping

- Touchup/Wire and Rig Removal


Website : http://www.laiguohu.com

Feel free to contact me at :

email : vardhika@yahoo.com

skype : vardhika110181010886

Mobile Phone : +60173808071 / +628978853681


Payment on Paypal

For any info pls contact by mail : vardhika@yahoo.com and don't forget texting me to +628978853681 so i can read ur mail straight away and execute it faster......


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And I hope all of this is done in Houdini...

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