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Python - getting current parm in expression


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I would love to know if I am using a python expression in a node's parameter.... is there a way using python to grab the name of the parameter currently being populated by the expression that you are writing?

(similar to how you can use kwargs['parm'] in an otl.

See attached scene where I have added a few more notes to try and explain this.




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Thanks Graham, you've saved the day once again! That works a treat. It has brought up another little python issue which I don't quite understand.

I am trying to reference a primitive attribute on my geometry via a local variable using python. It works in the hscript case but when I replicate it in python it doesn't seem to work.

I was wondering if you could take a look at the "hip" and see if I am doing something silly?

I realize that I haven't included the texture files so it will be hard to check if it is working, but they are quite big so I'd rather not upload them.



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