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[SOLVED] mirroring curve bones

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I have a series of bones that I made using the Bones From Curve tool. What I'd like to do is mirror them to the right side but when I do this, and apply the InverseKin chop, all I get is a straight line. I mirrored the curve by create a new Geometry object, and in there object merged the original curve, added a Mirror SOP, and got rid of the original.post-4235-0-27411200-1365968558_thumb.jpTo mirror the bones, I tried a couple of things:1) using the Mirror tool at the Object level. This does create the bones in the right position,post-4235-0-57118700-1365968583_thumb.jpbut when the InverseKin chop is applied it doesn't work rightpost-4235-0-46795600-1365968591_thumb.jp2) copy and pasting the null and bones, and then manually flipping the Y and Z rotations from the pre-transform. This works too and gets rid of the -1,-1,-1 scale transform that the mirror tool introduces, which I thought might be causing a problem. Unfortunately this doesn't work either, same results as (1)3) using Bones from Curve tool on the new mirror curve. This gives me bones, but they are going in the wrong direction:post-4235-0-87397000-1365968566_thumb.jpSo at this point I'm stumped?

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