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custom curve resampling

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Hi there,

Was wondering how I could get the following outcome.

If I have a curve which looks like https://picasaweb.go...feat=directlink

I would like to resample each of the straight lined segments in following manner, If segment 0-1 is 8 units long, then it should have 9 points placed at intervals of 1 unit, starting at position 0. https://picasaweb.go...feat=directlink

In case, If the segment was say 8.4(float value) units long, then it would still have 9 points placed at intervals of 1 unit, but starting at position 0.2 so that it would look like, https://picasaweb.go...feat=directlink

In case of the curved segment, from 4-11, It should consider all the segments between 4-11, as one single segment and resample it in the above manner.

This is beacuse I want to preserve the shape of the curve and at the same time distribute points on the curve at intervals of 1 unit distance. So that geometry of 1 unit size can be instanced on the curve later on.

Thank you.

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