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transform channels inside shop networks


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i am trying to blend displacement maps for different facial expressions.

thats the setup i used in maya http://www.3demo.info/wordpress/wp-content/gallery/notes/dynamic/correctivemaps-nggid0230-ngg0dyn-400x400x100-00f0w010c010r110f110r010t010.png

now i am trying to convert that setup to houdini. ive got the head as an alembic file and the exported sliders(animated geo boxes from -1 to 1) which controlled the blend shapes(morphs) in maya.

so what i would need to know is how to get the transform channel into shop land...

any help would be very appretiated, thanks, phil

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If by transfrom channel you mean the blend shape values, I can think of two ways.

1) you can create the multipliers in the shader for the different displacement textures, drive them with a parameter and channel reference the parameter from the blendshape controls;

2) bake your blendshape values onto geometry using an attribute and have the shader automatically pick up those values at render time.

Hope this helps,


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thanks for the reply, i basically solved it... i meant by transform channels actual geometry that was driving blendshape values... a joystick controller for blendshapes :)

as an example: moving the controller (which is usually visible in the viewport) up, drives the left and right brow to go up, right upper corner the right brow, moving it down brow down etc...

the asset gets plugged into the displacement, and needs the base displacement(the normal displacement map without an expression) added ontop of the joystickmap result. works so far, but it got a bit messy to work with all the different joysticks i had, slider restricted to Y, X only minus or plus X, Y. im sure there is a more elegant way in solving that asset, but worked fine for me.



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