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HDK setting attributes from a SIM node?


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i want to set some point attributes on some geometry.


i was following this example:

GA_RWAttributeRef h = gdp->findFloatTuple(GA_ATTRIB_POINT, "testattr", 3);
const GA_AIFTuple *tuple = h.getAIFTuple();
if (tuple)
UT_Vector3 N;
for (GA_Iterator it(gdp->getPointRange()); !it.atEnd(); it.advance())
GA_Offset offset = it.getOffset();
tuple->get(h.getAttribute(); offset, N.data(), 3);
tuple->set(h.getAttribute(), offset, N.data(), 3);

it's able to get the values of the point attribute, the problem is that it doesn't seem to update the values in the gui.

when i get the values from within the hdk, it seems like the values have been written, but the details view in the gui shows that the values have not changed.

i noticed that i cannot go into the details view and manually change values. when i do, the createAttribute node that i used to create my example attribute (testattr) the red lock toggle is turned on for that node. maybe this has something to do with the fact that i can't change values from within the hdk?

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