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"Look at"-Constraint transformation

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I'm relatively new to Houdini and doing some simple rigging tests at the moment.

And I am confused a little when using the "Look at"-Parameter in the Transform-Tab of some nodes. It is working, but I wonder why the rotation parameter values not updating when I moving the look at target in the viewport. It whould be very helpful when using these values for further expression use.



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If you want to see and use the actual rotate values, you can use an hscript expression to extract the rotate values:

vrorigin("", "../cam1")[0]
vrorigin("", "../cam1")[1]
vrorigin("", "../cam1")[2]

The vrorogin() function cracks the rotate transform between two target objects, the first "" defaults to world space. It is common to use an opinput() function as the first object target argument if the camera has a parent constraint to grab the local transform.

The origin() function can extract the entire object transform.

The complementary vtorigin() function can be used to extract transforms from a target object.

Or you can use an Object CHOP and fetch the rotates for the camera.

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