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Simultaneous multiple outputs?

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I was wondering if there's a quick way of saving out multiple output rops simultaneously? Is there an & syntax that I could use?

Something like "render -v /obj/geo1/ropoutput1 && render -v.../ropoutput2" ?

I was thinking about putting them into 2 seperate groups and combining them into one output, but am wondering if that would significantly increase data space. I would end up just separating them from there to export.

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You can use a Merge ROP to handle this. By default if you render a Merge ROP (from the UI) it will render a frame from each input rop, then move to the next frame. If you are rendering one using the render command you need to specify the -I option.

As you are using SOP output nodes you would have to use Fetch ROPs to reference them in /out and connect them to a Merge ROP.

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