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Can I keyframe point attributes with the Paint Node ?


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Hi All!

Is there a way ,using the "Paint Node",

to paint for example on frame 0 the letter A , the letter B on frame 100 and C on frame 200

and some how fade in, fade out from one letter to another?

Something like an animated weightmap...

I dont want to use an image sequence as texture and then transfer attributes..

Something like this could be really usefull for painting attributes that change over time on let's say an animated character .

I have made a chanel for the color attribute I don't but I dont have a clue on how to proceed...

Can anyone helpout or just give some rough guidelines?


keyframe paint.hipnc

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You could do have multiple paint nodes writing to different attributes then use a vopsop to blend between them buy time (or what ever you want!)

Taking that idea further you could do it in a point wrangle node or using expressions in an create attribute node that points to multiple paint nodes with a point() expression.

Probably a heap of other ways too :D

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