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[H12.5] Trying to adjust liquid shader - SOLVED

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Hey all!

I'm working on a project for a friend and I have the basic setup that I want for it. I want to apply the visual guide I currently have set up in the auto dop network to the liquid shader. I assume I'll have to make this change at the vop level and find a way to multiply the velocity of the particles to a ramp parameter in order to get the liquid to have different colors but I'm not that familiar with vops. Anyways, if anyone knows a useful tip to do this I would greatly appreciate it!




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I think this is getting somewhere towards what you are after.

I've placed a vop sop in the WaterDrop_fluid object between 'keep_only_points' and 'vel_transfer'. Use a ramp to control the colour based on velocity. This then gets piped in to the Cd output. Transfer the colour to the fluid mesh via the point wrangle sop and voila!



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