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Streaking values into newly activated VDB voxels

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I am building a growth tool that utilizes VDB grids, the basic idea is that each iteration rebuilds the surface field which is then used to activate other control fields (populated by attributes on the original mesh/particles). A simplified version of this is contained in the attached hip file. As you progress in time the scale field expands but the values are static.

What I'm missing is a way to set the values of the newly activated voxels. Ideally some sort of border condition like streak could set the new voxels to the value of the nearest previously activated voxels. In the VDB Activate node you can only set the value of all voxels or none of them. Is there a method to accomplish this that I might have missed?

The only other option I can think of is to convert each control field to a point cloud and then pull the nearest value from that. This would be ungainly to manage with multiple fields of different data types so I'm hoping there's a more elegant way. Any ideas?


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