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ground cracking effect/making a crater

jim c

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I've got a character that's falling from the sky, and then lands on the ground. When she lands, I'd like the ground to crumple/crack a bit, something akin to what happened in some of jump sequences in "The Matrix" where the Agents would jump, land, and the ground would crack.

I've got a sim where have a temp RBD object for the for the fall from the starting point of the character and then hit a ground geo object which I've used a voronoi fracture object (and a paint SOP to customize how the fractures happen). This fractures up just fine, but then with gravity on the pieces just keep falling. Not what I want. If I put a static ground plane DOP in the sim, then that sort of works, but then the pieces either crack, or do nothing, ideally what I'd like is to have them crack, and then have the whole area sort of crater in a bit.  So I guess you could call this a sort of denting or cratering effect.


Added a hip that demos what I've tried so far.


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