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SOP Solver Impacts node


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Hi All

New to dynamics so ...


I have a simple torus falling on the ground and I want to use the impact points for various things ( deforming the geometry creating particles etc)

As I dont want to use all the impact points but only the ones that have a certain range of impulse value I thought I could use a simple delete node with something like $IMPULSE<" some value".. this obviouslydoesnt work..

So the question is how can I reference all these things I see that exist in the details view of the impacts node?

The closest I came was to use the dopfield("../AutoDopNetwork,"object","Impacts","Impacts",0,"impulse")  expression.  Now this is referencing the impulse value from the DopNetwork  but only for the 0 index .. how can I cycle through all the impacts that are happening and not only the first?

Because I also feel I am misconcepting some stuff please clear me this : The dopfield expression to my knowledge brings values from the DopNetwork,  but the impact node that exist inside the SopSolver looks like it has already done this for me and all these values now exist in SOPland, so is there a way instead of referencing with the dopfield to reference in another way so I grab what I want from the impacts node?


Hope its clear!

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well you approach is already correct. use attributecreate before delete sop. create impulse attribute but don`t write values. this will create local variable $IMPULSE, so you can use it.

Or use point expression to get attributes from geometry.

Or wrangle nodes

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