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Keep original hierarchy when rop using alembic?


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Hi all,


Alembic rop op is little confusing to me:

First the object it output is ALWAYS the display node, no matter I check "use Display Sop" or not.

Then, the hierarchy in output abc file is different from what I expected, I am sure the "path" prim attribute is proper and switch the "Partition Mode" one by one but no lucky things happened. It just rop in a "/geo1/convert1" style, nothing I can do to control it! However, under our pipeline the name and hierarchy is very important.


In the alembic section of Help doc I read that note:



This is a preliminary exporter. A more full featured exporter will be included in the future. The future version will likely be SOHO based. 

I am not sure the if the "preliminary" means what I am dealing with.. Anyone have this problem before?

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