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Blend Shapes in a region


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Hi All


I have a simple DNA helix that I want to unfold at specific points  ( imagine that as the transcription of DNA starts happening the two parts of the helix start facing each other straight.)


So my idea for now is to use two copies of my setup. One in a helix position and one with two straight lines facing each other.

The blend shapes interpolates nicely but I cant figure out how to make it work wherever I choose. I guess there is a way to control  the region with a metaball or a bounding box but cant figure it out.


See file attached


Thank you all


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The most straightforward way I can think of is using a vopsop to blend them. Plug both inputs into it, import P from second input and blend between P and the imported P based on any attribute using mix node for example. I've just used remapped position Y as bias for illustration.


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