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lSystem and wiresolver


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I want to run a basic simulation on an lSystem using the wiresolver.

I've managed to import the lSystem into the dopnet, constraint its root and apply a gravity force and things work fine up to this point. But how do I go about spawning geometry onto the lSystem's leaves and have them move together with the dynamic branches?


If I spawn geometry using the lSystem's geometry inputs (J,K,M), the wireSolver will try to solve these as well, which I don't really want.


I came across this post http://forums.odforce.net/topic/14659-lsystem-j-leaf/?hl=lsystem

which has an example of how to spawn geometry using the copySOP, by creating points with a normal attribute out of the lSystem. This allows to separate the leaves and the lSystem, so it can be simulated on its own. But then how do I drive the generated points with the normal attribute to go together the the simulated lSystem?



thank you


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