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flip select by droplet value


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Hi guys

im looking to "select/delete by droplet value" from my flip simulation, which will be used to separate meshing of the fluid. I was trying to do it by using delete node with expression. Or with group node select by expression. Droplet is not as a variable in my expression.  Very new to Houdini, trying to get my head around it all. :)  

Any suggestions would be very welcome.




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basically, droplet value is how far a particle is away from the main body of the fluid sim. The higher the droplet value the further the particle is away from the main fluid body.

I want to use this value to control what can and can't be meshed.

Its  in "droplets" tab within the flipsolver.



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Hi Harvinderjit,

It seems that there is no variable mapping. If you middle click on the node reading the output of dop simulation u will see a section 'custom variable mapping ' . Do u see  ' droplet - DROPLET ' 

 To do this, connect attribute create sop after the node which is reading ur sim particles and create attribute 'droplet' of same type and class. Turn off the write values parameter on attribute create sop. If you middle click on the attribute create node , you will see 'droplet' being mapped to 'DROPLET'. Now in delete sop you can access value of attribute droplet by expression $DROPLET and you can set condition, for example $DROPLET>0.6  There are other ways of variable mappings as well, search for them.

Other option is in sim itself droplet/behavior set it to kill on detection.

I hope this helps you.

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Hey Sandeep,

thansk for sharing that, it works :)

i assumed that if if could see a "droplet [1f]" value in my "points attribute" (when i middle click), that it would mean that i could use that in an expression.

thanks for the help.

lots to learn ;)

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