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sliding RBDs


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I am trying to make some books bounce around, as the book cabinet shakes around. I didn't manage to make the books behave as I wanted to, so I made a simple scene to see what's going on. I realised that if I rotate (around Y) the object that the books are resting on, the books are NOT receiving this movement at all. I've made sure friction is set to 1 to both passive and active objects.

What am I missing to make these cubes shoot off as the base spins?


thank you






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When I opened the file, friction was at 0 on the base object. I increased that, and then slowly animated the speed of the base to make it faster over time, and it definitely makes the boxes fly off the base as expected. I'm running build 13.0.355.

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you are right, as I was playing around with various values I left friction to 0 by accident. But setting it back to 1 still doesn't change anything.

I also tried to increase the speed of base's rotation and the boxes still don't move at all.

We have build 13.0.316 over here and hopefully it's a bug that has already been fixed, so by updating version it gets shorted out.


thanks for your time.

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