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collision particles


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i think this is the good place to ask : 

I'm new user of Houdini, and I want to create a setup that I made with 3dsmax Pflow. 
what I like to do is put particles stuck to a mesh which is deformed but I want the shapes of the particles are colliding with the ground on which the mesh rolls (a kind of sphere) without the particles are detached from the mesh. does anyone have an idea? 

my idea is about to have a rigid bodys particles , to have the collision effect between the particles. i have an exemple for my idea : 

https://vimeo.com/87339489 ( done in max ) but i want to do the same thing in houdini , i think if 3dsmax can do it , we can for sur do that setup in houdini. 

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this pretty much outlines that effect.


if you skip to the end 1:23:19 mark they show something very similar. 

Thanks breadbox


its a nice idea but the diffirence bitween this and what im trying to do , is in this video he has one point attractor , but for me i want to have an attraction on a volume of the sphere ( like import some other animated mesh and make the particles attach to it )

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