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Density Gradient Force in Pyro Dop?


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I am trying to get data from a volumegradient op in a pyro dop sim.  I have tried it in a gas field vop, a vop force and a sop solver.  I have included a sample file with the setup in the gas field vop and alternatively in a vop force (unhooked node in the scene).  I can't imagine this being too difficult, but I am at a loss.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.





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I am trying to get data from a volumegradient op in a pyro dop sim.



Where is that data coming from?! Because the volumegradient simply processes some initial field and I can't figure what field you want to give as an input. If you are meaning to use the density field, for example, all you have to do is promote the file parameter on the volume gradient and put this expression in:


I would also consider plugging the gasfieldvop in the velosity update input of the pyro solver, just so you allow the initial velocity to stir things up a bit before you modify it.



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Yes, thank you.  I was aiming for density.  I now realize though, that the Gas Analyse op will give me this same result (once negated), I assumed it was wrong because of the crossing artifacts, but the Field Vop is giving me the same issues when using density.  Temperature looks better, probably because it is smoother.  I think I will need to smooth the data before I use it.  Anyway, thanks for the help.  That expression was my missing ingredient :D



Here is the result I am trying to achieve

go to about 13:20
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