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Flip Cloth Interaction - How do I add the "previous" attribute

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I am tryin to make a fluid - cloth sim that both interact with each other.

However I only get the fluid react to the cloth but not the other way around.

If I reverse the order in Merge node I get the cloth to react but the fluid remains intact.


How to make the both paly with each other?


 from the help: 






If the FLIP Solver is before the Cloth Solver, there is impact interaction. However, as soon as the number of points in the FLIP Fluid changes (due to reseeding), the topology of the fluid changes. To fix this, you can create an attribute called previous that is updated with the position of the fluid at the previous timestep, so that Cloth Solver can interact with this changing topology.



 How do I do that ?


 Let's say I create the "previous" attribute in a vopsop, where do I plug it and where do I get the previous frame values???



Flip Cloth interaction.hip

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I tried this example file but still ...there is no actuall interaction between the cloth and the (simple not flip) particles.




The cloth doesn't react to the pressure that should exist from the particles.


Have a look at the attached flipbook.It from a  Maya example file.



How can I achieve a similar effect in Houdini?



this might also help to understand what I am talking about:




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