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POP replicate life expectancy/variance broken?


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So went to use pop replicate in dops. Looks like it does not apply its life expectancy/life variance to the new particle. It either inherits the life from the original particle, in which case your new particles lives only as long as your last ones, or if you explicitly tell it to not inherit life it defaults to 100.


I went as far as to create a scene that is purely SESI's default fireworks setup, went in and set the life of initial particle to 1 no variance, life of replicated particle to 4, no variance, watched in details view as it played out. Life is either 1 or 100 depending on if I ^life on the attributes tab of the replicate node.

I mentioned this to some of my colleagues and it seems that they had issues with it too, I've emailed sesi, but if anyone else has experienced this or knows of some magical checkbox that makes the node actually work, or if its a version thing then plz let me know. I know I can make it work manually using a pop vop or vex and just setting the attributes, just reporting the bug with the node to see if anyone else has had the issue.


I attached the fireworks that shows what im talking about if anyone is interested or just wants to watch some freagin awesome fireworks particles >.<


Im running 13.0.368


Starting to miss my sop based pops :(


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This should be fixed in tomorrow's daily build, along with a couple of other POP Replicate issues:




    Fixed several issues with POP Replicate: The Use Inherited
    Velocity setting was resulting in zero initial velocity.
    The lifespan of replicated particles was always inherited from
    the source particles; now it is always set from the Life
    parameters.  Finally, the Inherit Velocity parameter was being
    applied twice, so its effect was squared.  This has been corrected.
    Use the square of your current values to match existing simulations.



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