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Warning: Vex error: [node name] pcimport() called outside of loop

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i'm an Houdini beginner and this is my first post.

I'm following a tutorial and i'm get into the problem reported in the post title.

Look strange to me because, even if i have a very little comprehension about points cloud,

all the pc-import nodes are certainly inside the while-loop.

The while-loop condition is given by a constant set to 1.

Whit this setup the system give me the error message,  

and any action I do inside the while-loop result into an endless cooking time (that i can stop only by pressing esc several time).

But if i set the constant to 0 or if i detach it from the while-loop the problem disappear.

I would like to know where the problem come from.

Thanks in advance (and sorry for my English).


P.s. I'm on Xubuntu 14.04 whit Houdini 13.0.406. If I run the program by terminal I receive this warning: program compiled against libxml 209 using older 208 (maybe it can depend from this).






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