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Fluid sim source point visibility


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Hi all,


I'm activating various fluid sources (from particles) offset in time in a fluid sim, using the 'activation' parameter on each source.


However, I'd like the source points of the inactive fluids to be visible in the sim when that parameter is set to zero. (i.e a source switched on at frome 10, I'd like it's source visible from frame 1)


Is it possible to 'object merge' into a dopnet, or something similar? Or maybe there's a super obvious check-box that I am not aware of?


(Can you tell I'm doing a lot of fluid sim work! ;) )



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Hey man,


You can just use a SOP geometry node to import the geometry from SOPs, just remember to give it a data name other then Geometry otherwise bad things will happen. Worlds quickest example attached. This just uses a $FF>x expression in the activation parameter to switch between the two; you can probably do nice procedural way based on your setup :)


Hope the fluid sims are behaving themselves better now!







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Thanks for the example! I knew there'd be a nice way to do it (I ended up doing a really hacky thing with object merges after the dop i/o, which I'm almost embarrassed to admit!). They are behaving as much as I need them to... requirements changed slightly so employing a bit of a different set up at the moment.


Thanks again for the pointers! ;)

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