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Adding audio to video in Houdini

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I'm new to Houdini and not very experienced yet, so please forgive me for my silly question :)
I want to add audio file to my rendered file in Houdini. When I render my project in Houdini I go to MPlay - File - Export - Video For Windows 64-bit. Now here is the option Audio Source: External Audio File. I chose my audio file but when I save the video audio isn't there. I also noticed option in MPlay under Anim - Load Audio. This loads audio file in MPlay and it is working nicely there. However, again when I save the video the sound isn't there.
Can you please tell me what I'm doing wrong and how to easily add audio to rendered file in Houdini?

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Individual image file sequences have no way to index in to audio and author a movie file for play-back. You need to use mplay or another app to sync the audio to the image sequence on load.


Houdini has no tools to directly author movie files with audio. You need to use an app that can do that (premiere, etc...)

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