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sticky particles orientation


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I'm trying to create an "arrow system" based on particles.


but I have a problem...


when an arrow ( particle) hit the colliding surface it just "jumps" and aligns acording to the collision surface normals. it doesnt keep the "real" colliding angle.


here is the scene file that i'm currently working on.


hope someone can help me. 


Thanks a lot!


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One way is when particle hit surface save its collide direction (may be N or v) relative to surface orientation, then, each frame, compute normal vector from the relative direction and current orientation.


Here the hip file. It's not perfect, it doesn't handle space transform so will work incorrectly if there is transformation at object level. Though, it should work with deforming object.    (Is there a way to transform quaternion between object space?)


Edit:  Just use transform vop to transform direction vector to collider's space. This should now accept object transformation


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