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Referencing an OTL on creation


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Hi There,


I am in the middle of setting up a tool and kind of stuck with python's silliness.

basically I am creating an OTL through another OTL in my scene on button press, its all working fine. But what I am also looking to have a parameter referenced to the OTL which its been originally created from.

an striped down version is something like this in scripting tab of my OTL


def createObject(thisnode):
    createNode = hou.node("/obj").createNode("renderObject", newNode)
    createNode.setParms({"myParm": thisnode})
its working fine if i type anything underqoutes instead of thisnode 
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ahh got it.


def createObject(thisnode):
     nodePath = thisnode.path()
    createNode = hou.node("/obj").createNode("renderObject", newNode)
    createNode.setParms({"myParm": nodePath})
Cheer for the help Graham !
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