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Backtick operation giving error

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Hello Everyone,
I am facing a weird issue inside Houdini 13 build 260. I think its a bug with backtick but not sure.
I created a curve with 4 points and I am trying to translate last point in -z and -y by one unit . I am using backtick operation on that point with expression $NPT-1 . Its working fine and doing what I expect. I dont understand why its giving me red error even operation is correctly working on point.I tried to ignore but I cant merge this as this error transfers to further nodes resulting in failure. I attached the screenshot. I hope I am able to make my problem clear enough for you all to understand.
PS: Error message--> Unable to evaluate expression (Bad data type for function or operation(/obj/line_test/xform1/group))



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according to the help on the Transform Sop NPT is not a local variable. This is why you get an error.

instead do something like `npoints("../curve1")-1`

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