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Required attribute pscale is missing

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Apologies for the noob question, but I can't find a solution via the manual or Google. 


I’ve created a basic scene in C4D which I’d like to use for a fluid simulation inside Houdini Apprentice. I’ve exported with FBX, and successfully imported it into Houdini. 


I then use the “Flip Fluid from Object” button to convert a piece of my geo ("Fill_Emitter") into particles. However, the particles aren’t being generated, as the Flip Solver node is getting the error “Required attribute pscale is missing.”


The only reference I could find in the manual is to the 'Default Particle Size'  option under the POP Collision Detect dynamics node, but I can't figure out how to make use of that in my current situation. 







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I asked another person about this question,  and learned that imported geo isn't always automatically packed along inside the the hip file when it's saved. Now I understand why no one commented on this, even after 11 people downloaded the file.  :) 


And now, as I try to rebuild the scene to send over with locked geo, I can't replicate the problem - it works fine now. Which on the one hand is great, but kind of stinks because I would have liked to know the root cause of the issue. Oh well. 

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