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[OCIO] OpenColorIO COP2 nodes for Houdini as Nuke counterparts


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OpenColorIO COP2 nodes for Houdini as Nuke counterparts

An unofficial HDK plugin to bring Nukes well known OCIO nodes to Houdinis compositing network.



What is OpenColorIO?

Please have a look at this official explanation.


Where is it integrated?

In an increasing number of applications, amongst them are Nuke, Mari or VRay3.


OpenColorIO COP2 nodes?

OCIO (OpenColorIO) is an open source library created by Sony Pictures Imageworks, that is ment to unify and centralize

the color management throughout an animation or VFX production. As an integral part of those pipelines, it makes sense for Houdini to support it. 


Here is a little introduction video:


And some images:

  • Tab Menu
  • OCIOCDLTransform : Applies an ASC CDL (American Society of Cinematographers Color Decision List) grade based on the OpenColorIO Library
  • OCIOColorspace : Apply a color transformation based on a .ocio file. Ocio files are yaml based and describe the complete available colorenvironment. The color environment in turn usualy consists of a dozen Lut files which describe transformations to/from the reference color space to the target space.
  • OCIOFileTransform : Accepts a path to a specific color lut file and does a color transformation based on it.
  • OCIOLogConvert : Do a color transformation from Lin to Log, or the other way round, based on the Lin and Log roles of the given .ocio config file.


Plugin Status

Please note that the plugin is currently in alpha status. There are still bugs here and there but i guess it's best to release it now, so maybe it will get some true battle testing.

Should you find bugs, please feel free to submit them on the github issue tracker.

Also please feel free to fork or clone the repo and build the plugin for your platform. I currently only supply precompiled binaries for H13 for windows, built with msvc11.

(I want to supply Linux binaries as well, since i know about its importance in the Houdini community, as soon as i have a Linux build setup up and running).


Git Repository



Download and additional information

Additional information can be found on my website.

Download the precompiled binaries here (H13, Win, MSVC11)

The download contains example images and scenes.


I hope the plugin is of use to somebody :)

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